Best advice for beginner boater

  1. First time boating: inflatable boat beginner guide
  2. Safety on the water: inflatable boat sailing tips for beginner
  3. Inflatable boat for beginner: getting vessel registration
  4. Inflatable boat navigation advice for beginner
  5. Equipment and sailing gadgets for inflatable boat novice

To avoid surprises and make a trip safe and comfortable, it is worth knowing the inflatable boat rules for beginners.

First time boating: inflatable boat beginner guide

A small water area without a great number of boaters and skiers is the ideal solution for the first conquest of the water. It is preferably to choose a small model because they are much easier to steer.

For the most comfortable first start, the team of Beluga Boats online store has prepared useful inflatable boat beginner advice:

  1. Do not go far away from the shore for the first time. It is better to make the first launch within sight of patrol services. Then, in the event of an unforeseen situation, you will have the opportunity to call for help.
  2. Use the life vest. Its absence reduces your chances on a safe trip.
  3. Do not go on a journey alone. The best option is to take an experienced person with you. You will feel more confident and will be able to avoid the common mistakes of novices.
  4. Notify your family members and patrol / security services where you are going to travel. In case of danger or force majeure, they will be able to find you in time and provide the necessary aid.
  5. Write down the numbers and coordinates of the rescue services of the place where you are going to row in order to be able to contact them promptly.
  6. Do not be afraid! It is perhaps the most important inflatable boat beginner recommendation. The first independent boating is an unpredictable and rather terrible phenomenon. However, if you are afraid, you will not be able to think and act wisely. You need to act logically and calmly - it will save you from a large number of dangerous moments.

Safety on the water: inflatable boat sailing tips for beginner

To enjoy a boat trip, a tyro needs training and preparation. It allows learning the main points about steering, safety engineering and rules of behavior on the water. Many training centers offer inflatable boat training for beginner. Taking care of health and safety of the vessel is the main point for any person. What you need to do to protect yourself and achieve maximum comfort during the trip?

Prepare thoroughly before you begin! Check the serviceability and pay attention to the presence of safety equipment. Carefully read the operating instructions for the vessel used. Do not forget to check whether the pump, paddles, and other outfit are in place. Before going fishing or hunting carefully check the condition of the vessel. Is it leaking? Are the oars in good condition? Is there a life jacket?

It is forbidden to drink alcohol during the time of going to sea or another water area. Do not put out to sea with people in a state of alcoholic intoxication. It carries a potential threat to all those present on board.

Before you go on a boat trip, you should also take into account etiquette. Throwing garbage overboard is considered, at least, indecent. To avoid it, take any garbage can with you.

Inflatable boat for beginner: getting vessel registration

Not all vessels, unlike cars, require a license. Its availability is not always necessary, but it is a guarantee that you are acquainted with all the essential rules and requirements. The determining factor in obtaining a license for inflatable boat novice is the type of vessel and the size of the engine. It is necessary if your boat is equipped with a powerful engine and develops a speed of more than 10 knots.

Inflatable boat navigation advice for beginner

  • Beginner must check the weather before sailing on inflatable boat. To avoid trouble on the water, you should collect detailed information about the weather, climatic conditions, the place of navigation, tide charts, wind speed, and so on.
  • You should notify the patrol service if you are planning a long-term voyage.
  • Avoid boating in hurricane and after announcing a storm warning.
  • Beginner must check navigation lights before sailing on inflatable boat. A mandatory condition is their complete serviceability.
  • Do not put out to sea in the dark. It is allowed only to experienced boaters with appropriate gear.

Equipment and sailing gadgets for inflatable boat novice

For a safe and comfortable rowing, a person needs a certain checklist for inflatable boat novice.

Documents. In addition to the passport, you can take any documents that may be useful: a license, medical insurance and so on.

GPS receiver. You should be able to determine where you are, and if necessary, provide your coordinates to rescuers and lifeguards.

Personal buoyancy. Lifebuoy and vests for all present must be in an accessible place.

First aid kit. It is essential to have a first aid kit with the set of medicines and bandaging material for quick aid.

Communications facilities like cell phone, flashlight, walkie-talkie, etc. For long-term trips, it is recommended to equip the boat with a signal rocket to give a distress signal.

Tool box for inflatable boat novice. Equip the vessel with a set of repair tools and additional equipment such as pumps, paddles, seats and the like.

Removable clothing. The clothes should be waterproof. Taking up little space, they greatly facilitate the life of a tyro. In the cold season, it is worth to take a jacket, warm sweater and extra footwear. In summer, do not forget to take a hat to avoid sunstroke.

Stock of drinking water and food. It is better to prepare plentiful supply of foodstuffs beforehand.

Be sure to pack the communication facilities and documents in special waterproof covers, and put the clothes in sealed bags.

By following these inflatable boat beginner tips, you will protect yourself and avoid possible troubles. It also ensures comfort and a pleasant pastime on the water.

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