Inflatable boat: sailing and navigation

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Comparison of inflatable boat types

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Maintenance and storage of inflatable boats

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How to ensure safety while boating

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Inflatable boat: how to choose

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Inflatable boat: how it is made

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How to repair inflatable boat: main problems and solutions

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Best advice for beginner boater

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Inflatable boats: uses

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Inflatable boats material

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Types of inflatable boats

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Inflatable boats history and origins

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Beluga inflatable SUP — your best choice to conquer the water

Have you ever dreamt about surfing on the water like flying in the sky? Beluga inflatable stand up paddle board (SUP) is the best way to realize this dream! We provide the best quality of every model which is presented at our catalogue.

Beluga Fusion Technology

Beluga Fusion Technology

Beluga inflatable SUPs and boats: features and advantages

The creative team of Beluga is ready to satisfy any of your wishes and tastes providing the widest range of inflatable paddle boards and boats. Our long experience and the use of the most progressive technologies help us to create excellent designs. Beluga SUPs and inflatable boats are characterized with such features as light weight, long durability, nice performance and ease of use. Buy these products with maximum profit right now!

BelugaBoats - Quality inflatable boats & stand up paddleboards in USA

Beluga produces inflatable boats made of high quality materials. Inflatable stand-up paddle boards have a 3-Year Warranty*
Beluga works with reliable manufacturing partners and utilizes materials that reduce the impact of board manufacturing on the environment to save it for future generations.
Producing inflatable boats, Beluga manufacturers high quality products made of durable and long-lasting materials. Our inflatable boats have a 5 Year Warranty*