How to ensure safety while boating

  1. Inflatable boat on board safety
  2. Inflatable boat safe sailing rules of the sea
  3. Inflatable boat safe sailing tips
  4. Inflatable boat essential safety equipment

Inflatable boats are successfully used for sporting events, fishing and relaxing in nature. Despite the fact that it is reliable and convenient, every person is worried about safety on water. In order to make the rowing safe and to bring maximum pleasure, it is worth remembering the safety rules. Our inflatable dinghy safe sailing guide will help you to spend a great time while boating.

Inflatable boat on board safety

Safety on board depends on the competence of a rower and the technical condition of the vessel itself. Modern products are made of strong and reliable materials. They have excellent technical characteristics and high quality. However, you should take precautionary measures - for example, store sharp objects in the covers to avoid damaging the hull of the vessel.

Remember that swimming lessons will save your life! Do not go on a water trip if you are not able to swim. If a person does not have minimum swimming skills, then he can drown even in small water area.

Do not drink alcohol and any low-alcohol beverages. They dull the sense of danger and disrupt the coordination of movements. Disturbance of these reactions can lead to an accident.

Inflatable boat safe sailing rules of the sea

The basic rule is "do not neglect the safety rules!"

Ensure that boat is in good order with all the necessary equipment when going to sea. Before boarding, you need to inspect the vessel to make sure it is working properly and have the necessary kit.

Do not go boating in bad weather, especially when there is a strong gale or a thunderstorm. Remember that weather conditions can change quickly. Therefore, it is worth finding out the climatic conditions of the area where you are going.

Reduce the speed at corners.

Do not use boats and other marine vessels in busy recreation areas. Avoid sailing in crowded beaches and places for swimming activities. It is only permissible if there are buoys that limit these zones.

Do not overload the ship! The number of seats should not exceed the capacity of the boat declared in the documents.

During the boarding, people must enter the boat one by one. It will prevent balance disturbance of the craft and will not allow it to overturn.

Inflatable boat safe sailing tips

  • Learn inflatable boat use and safety with training courses. Several yacht clubs or marine schools offer such courses at quite affordable prices.
  • Never go boating alone! An experienced person on board will tell you how to behave in case of danger.
  • Always follow local rules and regulations as each yacht club can have its own nuances.
  • Learn to keep the vessel under control. Be self-confident and remember - it is you who control it.

Inflatable boat essential safety equipment

For a comfortable pastime on the water, it is worthwhile to find out what outfit you need to have.

Every passenger must have a life vest! Make sure that children and adults who are not able to swim are constantly in life jackets while using any craft! In addition, it is necessary to equip the vessel with a minimum set of life-saving appliances, such as:

  • lifebuoy;
  • inflatable boat paddles;
  • first-aid kit;
  • powerful pump;
  • inflatable boat repair kit;
  • lighting devices for steering in the dark or at night;
  • maritime distress flares and signals (for example, a signal pistol);
  • plastic safety whistle for inflatable dinghy;
  • communication facilities with the shore.

It is appropriate to have a license for inflatable boat and documentation.

Remember that the necessary equipment must be easily accessible. It also must be in good order.

Observance of safety precautions is a guarantee of an excellent rest. We hope that the advice from Beluga Boats website's team will help you to avoid accidents and enjoy water recreation on your boat.

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