Inflatable boat: sailing and navigation

  1. Inflatable boat sailing rules of the sea
    1. Entering the water area
    2. Going to sail
    3. Inflatable boat sailing regulations
  2. Inflatable boat navigation rules

Rules for inflatable boat sailing are similar to the traffic code. When using a boat you need to be extremely careful and follow the regulations. However, not all boaters know these rules and their duties. Moreover, not every person knows what inflatable dinghy navigation issues he/she will have to face. Let's sort them out.

Inflatable boat sailing rules of the sea

Any maritime transport is intended not only for fans of rest. For inflatable dinghy sailing, you need to be a disciplined and brave person who understands that he/she has certain obligation. Any boatman, regardless of his/her experience and knowledge, must comply with all the regulations of movement and navigation in any water area.

The main rules are safety precautions when using the craft and respect for other participants in the movement.

When entering the water area (lake, sea, etc.), it is necessary to:

  • check the condition of the hull, motor and all sail rig for inflatable dinghy;
  • inspect the availability of a license to operate a watercraft and other necessary documentation;
  • prepare rescue facilities and life-saving appliances for each passenger;
  • remember the tonnage and capacity of your vessel (you cannot exceed its permissible parameters to avoid an accident)
  • check fuel before sailing on inflatable dinghy.

Going to sail, check:

  • weather and wind conditions;
  • local currents;
  • navigation lights and anchor;
  • the valve caps.

The inflatable boat sailing regulations prohibit:

  • putting to sea in a state of intoxication;
  • transferring control of the motor boat to another person (it applies to passengers without appropriate permission to operate a marine vessel);
  • putting out in conditions of restricted visibility, strong wind, thunder or storm warning;
  • calling at the area reserved for swimming.

Inflatable boat navigation rules

Safety of navigation is regulated by inflatable dinghy sailing legislation. This applies to all marine vessels regardless of their belonging. Usually, in each state they vary. Therefore, be sure to read the rules of using the craft in the area where you are going.

Many users have a question - do I need to register my boat? There is no definite answer; it all depends on the state. These conditions vary: somewhere motor vessels are not registered, some states require registration.

The basic condition of navigation on inflatable boat is to ensure the safety of sailing. The number of passengers and cargo must correspond to the capacity of the ship specified in the documentation.

Any watercraft should be provided with rescue and auxiliary means, such as lifejackets, first-aid kit, light equipment for distress signaling, sound signals like whistles and so on. As a means of emergency, the vessel must be equipped with at least two oars. Each person during the voyage must have an individual lifejacket.

The sailing basic boat operations do not permit the movement of small vessels in the dark and fog. If the fog catches you on the way, you must immediately move to the shore guided by the compass.

Port tack gives way to starboard tack! The craft should keep to the starboard side of waterway. When two ships approach, they both should change course to starboard.

If you remember the rules of navigation, then boating will bring you a lot of pleasure. Beluga website is ready to help you choose the perfect boat that will make your recreation, fishing or sports safe and fun.

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