Maintenance and storage of inflatable boats

  1. How to clean inflatable boat
  2. How to deflate inflatable boat
  3. Storage of inflatable boat
  4. Inflatable boats maintenance advice

In this article, we will broach the subject of storage of inflatable products and the maintenance rules. Despite the apparent simplicity, these issues remain important and relevant for every owner.

How to clean inflatable boat

With the proper inflatable boat cleaning and storage, it will last you for many years. After each use, the product should be washed outside and inside to remove seaweed, sand and other rubbish. How to do it right?

  • Clean the vessel of severe contaminants; you can do it on the pond where you used it. Do not use tools with sharp edges, such as spatulas and scrapers.
  • Do not wait until the product dries completely. Otherwise, you will have to make extra efforts to remove leaves and algae from the hull, because they would stick to the surface more strongly when dried.
  • Spread out the boat on a clean and level surface. Wash it inside and outside with warm water and a mild soapy solution. Unfold the seams and remove adherent rubbish. At the end, wash out the product with water several times.
  • After the craft is cleaned, wipe all surfaces with a dry soft cloth. Then properly dry it in half-deflated condition in a ventilated room, protected from direct sunlight.
  • In the same way, clean the rest of the equipment and accessories (floorboard, seats, oars, pump, etc.).

How to deflate inflatable boat

With proper packaging, any product is better stored and takes up less space. There is a simple inflatable boat deflating method.

  1. After drying in an inflated condition, it is necessary to deflate the vessel. Remove the oars and spread it on a dry surface.
  2. Open the valves and squeeze the air out of the hermetic chambers, squeezing them towards the valves.
  3. After you let out all the air, you can proceed directly to the folding. Take out stringers, hard flooring and seats.
  4. Fold the ends of the tubes to the transom that is folded inward. Bow two corners inward on top of the transom. Fold the sides inwards; the boat should have the same width with the transom. Roll it toward front bow.
  5. Pack up the folded vessel into storage cover/bag. Pack up floorboard, seats and oars in a separate cover. That's all!

Storage of inflatable boat

After you have folded the product, lay it out on a flat surface. It allows avoiding excess pressure on the tubes to better retain the performance.

Store the craft in a cool place. Avoid high humidity and excessively high or low temperatures. Optimum storage temperature is between 40 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This is perhaps one of the essential inflatable boat keeping tips.

Do not allow moisture inside tubes. Thoroughly dry them; otherwise, accumulated moisture can lead to the material destruction.

If you keep the boat in a folded form, it is recommended to fold it again every two to three months. The vessel can be slightly inflated to ventilate the inside of the tubes.

Store the PVC model in the deflated condition. It will not damage the material but protect the product from deformation.

If you keep it in storage trailer for inflatable boat, then put something soft under the bottom to prevent the hull from damaging.

Leave the boat in a warm place before unfolding and inflation. Let the material warm up to ambient temperature.

After the unfolding of the product, do not try to pump it immediately. Spread it on a flat surface and wait for several hours. During this time, the folds will be straightened and the craft will reach normal operating temperature.

Inflatable boats maintenance advice

As a rule, inflatables are durable and unpretentious in care. However, it implies their proper operation and maintenance. Use the boat and its accessories for their intended purpose taking into account their technical characteristics. To keep your vessel working for many years, just follow the simple inflatable boats maintenance tips.

Check the integrity of hull and accessories prior to each use. If touch-up is required, you can try to repair it yourself using a repair kit. In the event of serious damage, it is recommended to contact certified workshops.

Protect the tubes from water ingress. Leave the product with the valves open so that the moisture inside completely evaporates.

Avoid excessive pressure rise in tubes. It is affected by the daily differences in atmospheric pressure and the temperature changes.

Do not use hard brushes or abrasive cleaners. They can damage the hull. Use a soft cloth and soap solution for cleaning.

Avoid using combustible-lubricating and other contaminants. They can leave spots on the surface spoiling the appearance.

Do not overheat the vessel. How to protect the inflatable boat from direct sunlight? Avoid prolonged exposure to sun rays. Do not leave it under the sunlight if it's not in the water. Due to the effects of the sun, the hull may heat up. It will lead to expansion of the air in the chambers and product damage.

If the vessel is removed from the water for a long time, use an inflatable boat cover to create an obstacle to the sun's rays.

The engine must be stored only in a heated room. High temperatures do not allow condensate to collect, thus avoiding rust.

These storage and maintenance rules will help to keep your boat in working condition. You will only have to wait until spring to go boating again.

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