Types of inflatable boats

  1. Inflatable boats types
  2. Construction of inflatable boats
  3. Types of inflatable boats according to the functions

Inflatable boats types

Usually the specialists distinguish rowing and motor boats according to motion type.

Rowing boats have a simple and lightweight construction. As a rule, they are able to accommodate one or a maximum of two people with a small load. This is a more economical option, used for hunting or fishing, as well as for small rows. The bottom of such products can be different. There are models with a rigid bottom (with inserts made of waterproof plywood or plastic) and soft bottom.

Rowing boat is a closed balloon divided into two compartments. The shape can be oval or O-shaped. Due to the separation of the tubes into sections, the vessel will not sink if one tube is damaged. In most cases, such models can be transported in a backpack due to their low weight.

Motor boats are the most popular among the types of inflatable boats. Their design includes a transom for attaching the outboard motor. You can install an electric motor or a gasoline engine on the transom. As well as rowing, these vessels are easily transported by placing them in a backpack for carrying. Low-powered engines have a relatively light weight, so they can be conveyed with the help of one or two people.

Construction of inflatable boats

Based on the design of hull, inflatable boats can be divided into models:

  • with a soft hull made of special material. This type has good maneuverability and running characteristics.
  • with a hard hull that eliminates the possibility of punctures.

A rigid inflatable boat (RIB) combines strength, good buoyancy and stability. This type has a rigid V-shaped bottom and a solid and strong hull, which makes it one of the most reliable. The hull is constructed of aluminum, wood, steel, plastic or fiberglass. The last two materials give smoothness to the surface that provides good buoyancy and easy sliding. The tubes are divided into sections – it reduces the consequences of punctures. Each tube includes a valve for air inflation or deflation.

One of the advantages of RIB is high maneuverability and speed. They develop a speed of up to 50-75 mph, so they can be used in coastal waters, sea and lakes. Despite its heavy structure, only a few people will be required to carry such a vessel if necessary. A good resistance to damage during slow-speed collisions allows using rigid-hulled inflatable boat as lifeboats or for safe boating.

A lightweight soft inflatable boat (SIB) lacks body of one piece. Most often, it includes a replaceable floor. Due to this, it is possible to deflate air and convey the vessel in a car. The SIB construction includes a transom to support the outboard motor. It can be moored without difficulty in places with no special landing areas. The inflatable boat with low draft is great for moving in shallow water. However, such products feature a small drawback. It is better to avoid cargo transportation, since the floor is rather soft.

Types of inflatable boats according to the functions

Based on their purpose, the watercraft can be:

  • amateur (boating and sport);
  • of special purpose (rescue, army/military, etc).

Dinghies are suitable for recreation, racing, hiking, hunting and fishing. Particularly interesting is a inflatable boat with glass bottom for studying the seabed. Sport models are designed for training and competitions in water sports. Special purpose crafts are utilized by search and rescue for people in distress; they are also intended for transport and economic needs.

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