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Windsup inflatable boards from Beluga: feel comfort and appreciate our inflatable windsurfing SUPs

Beluga inflatable WindSUP boards collection is one of the latest categories manufactured by the company. This comparatively young model was designed for the combination of windsurfing and SUP surfing in one paddle, and such experiment has gained wide popularity. Beluga presents the Windsurf inflatable SUP boards' overview. Here you will find the main technical features of the equipment, its application ways, and the list of inflatable WindSUP package advantages.

WindSUP inflatable boards features and application

Beluga WindSUP boards for sale are recreational models with a sail anchorage. Riders can use the ordinary sails which are sold separately. Such feature is quite suitable for users because they can buy only one sail for various models. The other important features of Beluga stand up paddle boards for WindSUP are the following:

  • high level of strength and durability;
  • light weight, suitable volume and compact size;
  • rubberized coating which protects WindSUP board's deck from falling mast;
  • inflatable design which is not as hurt for the falling rider as the rigid one;
  • Crocodile Skin Traction Pad with Beluga logo and some other attractive elements;
  • available rider's weight up to 125 kg / 275 lbs.

It is for these reasons that more and more rental shops which are focused on beginners choose inflatable Wind SUP inflatable boards. However, such model is not suitable for professional windsurfing because of the large size, the lack of dinghy (or insufficiently large dinghy), and the absence of foot-hinge. By the way, Beluga designers are already working on inflatable stand up paddle board for the professional Windsurfing. So it seems like a matter of time.

Where to buy WindSUP inflatable boards: Beluga advantages

Beluga provides the best sale conditions for the best WindSUP boards. If you choose our proposition the whole range of advantages open for you. Firstly, we present the best quality, including long term warranty. Secondly, our online store proposes the lowest price for WindSUP inflatable boards. Thirdly, you can buy them with shipment all around the world. Moreover; our skilled managers provide free support for Wind SUP inflatable stand up paddleboards selection and use.

So, make your choice right now, catch tailwind, and have nice surf with the best Beluga WindSUP stand up paddle boards.

Beluga inflatable SUPs and boats: features and advantages

The creative team of Beluga is ready to satisfy any of your wishes and tastes providing the widest range of inflatable paddle boards and boats. Our long experience and the use of the most progressive technologies help us to create excellent designs. Beluga SUPs and inflatable boats are characterized with such features as light weight, long durability, nice performance and ease of use. Buy these products with maximum profit right now!

BelugaBoats - Quality inflatable boats & stand up paddleboards in USA

Beluga produces inflatable boats made of high quality materials. Inflatable stand-up paddle boards have a 3-Year Warranty*
Beluga works with reliable manufacturing partners and utilizes materials that reduce the impact of board manufacturing on the environment to save it for future generations.
Producing inflatable boats, Beluga manufacturers high quality products made of durable and long-lasting materials. Our inflatable boats have a 5 Year Warranty*