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Large Inflatable Paddle Boards

Did you always want traveling on the water and conquering small and large waves?  But you weigh more than 100 kilos or you prefer riding together with someone, don’t be afraid of choosing for yourself a SUP board. Either you want to ride alone or carry heavy loads, for example, fishing gear, Beluga provides wide range of large sup boards for heavyweights.

If you are still in doubt whether it is worth starting, we have 6 reasons why you need shop for large stand up paddle board:

  1. Active rest on the water. The air near the sea or lake is saturated with oxygen; it is purified by water, in which all the contaminants settle.
  2. SUP boarding is good for health. Rowing exercises help with diseases of the spine and strengthen the muscles of the whole body. They also develop a diaphragm and fill the body with oxygen.
  3. Pleasant appearance. Even not so, they are beautiful. Not only in any size and configuration, but also any color or blend of tones.
  4. Children love boards. Even the most active and restless children will gladly agree to a walk along the river or lake.
  5. For lovers of sport, the board will allow you to spend your time active doing your favorite activity
  6. Tourists with inflatable board will be able to carry their equipment on their backpack for voyages.

Best large inflatable paddle board for big people

Beluga is one of the best options. Among the proposals of the brand, you will find models for beginners and professionals. Therefore, you can easily select large inflatable sup in accordance with your level of skills and preferred manner of swimming.

These kinds of Beluga’s models are made of quality PVC and have several layers from fiber and coating PVC that help to hold the form of large stand up paddle board after hours and also years of usage.

Affordable equipment for everyone

Large inflatable paddle boards for professionals are more susceptible to paddle movement and any nuances of control. This makes them more maneuverable, but also more difficult to control at the training stage. The wider water board will be more stable, which is suitable for beginners, leisurely walks and yoga. The SUP board is the best way to try surfing, even if the sea is very far away from you.

Ride on large ISUP board you can even without waves, on smooth water, training the balance. It is very stable, so it's easy to master even inexperienced surfers. Due to its convenience and compactness, an inflatable surfboard is suitable for all travelers.

Benefits of buying large inflatable paddle board in Beluga

While developing our line of inflatables we thoroughly tested all materials and types of designs available in the market and settled on the best! Beluga chose the proven Fusion Drop Stitch material, which withstands very high pressure and makes the board hard as a stone. You can safely pump our boards up to 25 PSI!

The backpack behind the shoulders contains a board, twisted into a rug, made using Air Deck technology. Thousands of fibers inside such construction make it a tough board when you inflate it. In the backpack there is also a place for an oar, repair kit and a leash (safety rope).

If you like one of our large stand-up paddle boards you can buy it by ordering them in the page of a product and our managers will contact you as soon as possible and help to choose the best suitable for you one according to your desires. 

Beluga inflatable SUPs and boats: features and advantages

The creative team of Beluga is ready to satisfy any of your wishes and tastes providing the widest range of inflatable paddle boards and boats. Our long experience and the use of the most progressive technologies help us to create excellent designs. Beluga SUPs and inflatable boats are characterized with such features as light weight, long durability, nice performance and ease of use. Buy these products with maximum profit right now!

BelugaBoats - Quality inflatable boats & stand up paddleboards in USA

Beluga produces inflatable boats made of high quality materials. Inflatable stand-up paddle boards have a 3-Year Warranty*
Beluga works with reliable manufacturing partners and utilizes materials that reduce the impact of board manufacturing on the environment to save it for future generations.
Producing inflatable boats, Beluga manufacturers high quality products made of durable and long-lasting materials. Our inflatable boats have a 5 Year Warranty*