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Turquoise (Aquamarine) Inflatable Paddle Boards

Riding on the surface of the water is an exciting activity that attracts so many people, but the traditional surfboard causes a number of questions during its operation, first of all, where to store it and how to transport it. Time moves forward and now modern market makes completely new products that are easy to care and transport, in addition they have unique design and color for example aquamarine stand up paddle board from Beluga.

Breakthrough in water surfing

Beluga has developed a very elegant solution, turquoise inflatable stand up paddle boards in a folded form is now placed in a small backpack, and with it you can recover on any journey. It is easily inflated before riding and is quickly blown off before returning.

We offer only original design solutions with a warranty of three years to all inflatables, so there is no need to worry about quality and impeccable design. Aquamarine ISUP for the surf is really strong, maneuverable and durable, in no way inferior to the traditional characteristics.

At the stern there are three fins, smooth and elastic, made of high-quality plastic. A high pressure pump is also supplied with the turquoise ISUP board.

Overview of the best inflatable paddle boards in turquoise

After buying aquamarine colored stand-up paddle board form Beluga, you can go to the beach, take a trip along the rivers and lakes, overcome small rapids, do SUP-yoga and even surf on small waves. At the same time, an elastic band located in the bow of the board will allow you to take with you the necessary things or a picnic kit. Model has greater maneuverability, large displacement and is capable of carrying people with weigh up to 95 kilos. It also:

  • Suits almost everyone, beginners, fans of vivid impressions. It is also convenient for who practice sup-yoga;
  • For those who want to travel on a board or just choose an active busy rest;
  • In aquamarine stand-up paddle board you can develop amazing speed and outrun the most serious rivals;
  • Light and compact for everyday use and storage;
  • Aquamarine inflatable sup boards are quite a soft, if you compare them with other models. The maximum pressure is 25 PSI.

Unlimited surfing possibilities on turquoise ISUPs

Dimensions of Beluga boards are large enough to open a number of new opportunities for surfers. On this board you can catch very small waves. In absolutely standing water, you can ride with a paddle for fun, train a balance or even perform a set of yoga exercises. If you buy aquamarine stand-up paddle board only according to price be aware of unqualified products, compare them and only then make a decision.

Contact us, and we definitely have aquamarine stand up paddle boards for sale that is right for you. Maximum positive emotions and excellent health are guaranteed to you!

Beluga inflatable SUPs and boats: features and advantages

The creative team of Beluga is ready to satisfy any of your wishes and tastes providing the widest range of inflatable paddle boards and boats. Our long experience and the use of the most progressive technologies help us to create excellent designs. Beluga SUPs and inflatable boats are characterized with such features as light weight, long durability, nice performance and ease of use. Buy these products with maximum profit right now!

BelugaBoats - Quality inflatable boats & stand up paddleboards in USA

Beluga produces inflatable boats made of high quality materials. Inflatable stand-up paddle boards have a 3-Year Warranty*
Beluga works with reliable manufacturing partners and utilizes materials that reduce the impact of board manufacturing on the environment to save it for future generations.
Producing inflatable boats, Beluga manufacturers high quality products made of durable and long-lasting materials. Our inflatable boats have a 5 Year Warranty*