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Best 13 ft inflatable boats from Beluga


13 feet long inflatable boats have been widely used for fishing, hunting and hiking. Emergency services and military units use boats for rescue operations and special assignments. In case of flooding of rivers in the spring, PVC boats become the only vehicle that can connect remote areas with regional centers.

Inflatable PVC boats are light and in a blown condition take up little space, this allows to be easily transported at any distance and inflated already at the place of use.

Beluga 13ft inflatable boat is made of PVC. It is a multi-layer sandwich, which consists of 3-5 layers of material and cord stiffness. It has increased durability and strength, which makes it a reliable and safe means of transportation on water.

Buying 13 foot inflatable boat from Beluga has a number of advantages:

  • This is a direct sale without extra charges and commissions;
  • Here you can order additional amplifications or tuning the boat;
  • We give manufacturer's guarantee;
  • We provide warranty for five years;
  • You can find 13 ft inflatable boat for sale in anyplace of the US.

For all models of 13 foot inflatable boat, it is possible to install a hinged motor, in some boats, this is provided by the design, and on others it is necessary to additionally install a hinged transom for fixing the motor.

Beluga’s 13’ inflatable fishing boat

Our production 13 inflatable boats are under strict control, both during production and at the final stage, when the finished inflatable boats are tested for quality. High-quality imported components, which we use in production, allow us to achieve output that can compete with similar products of world manufacturers.

13 inflatable boats from Beluga are self-sufficient products that can be used for fishing, rest and other purposes, as a vehicle on the water.

To our customers we offer 13 ft inflatable boats as affordable as possible for buyers at a price; we use the standard equipment of boats. The complete set of the boat includes everything you need and, having bought a boat, you can use it immediately.

13 foot long inflatable boats from Beluga, have a reputation for quality and comfort. They are designed taking into account the wishes of hunters and fishermen. Working online during the all day, gives an opportunity to communicate directly with potential buyers, and receive feedback and wishes from them about products.

In the future, opinion of our clients is considered by the designers of the company when creating new models of boats, as well as they allow you to select the most popular components and accessories for them. Beluga boats are designed for fishing, hunting, tourism and recreation on the water.

Beluga inflatable SUPs and boats: features and advantages

The creative team of Beluga is ready to satisfy any of your wishes and tastes providing the widest range of inflatable paddle boards and boats. Our long experience and the use of the most progressive technologies help us to create excellent designs. Beluga SUPs and inflatable boats are characterized with such features as light weight, long durability, nice performance and ease of use. Buy these products with maximum profit right now!

BelugaBoats - Quality inflatable boats & stand up paddleboards in USA

Beluga produces inflatable boats made of high quality materials. Inflatable stand-up paddle boards have a 3-Year Warranty*
Beluga works with reliable manufacturing partners and utilizes materials that reduce the impact of board manufacturing on the environment to save it for future generations.
Producing inflatable boats, Beluga manufacturers high quality products made of durable and long-lasting materials. Our inflatable boats have a 5 Year Warranty*