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Beluga 14FT. Red/Black Inflatable Boat

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Beluga K series inflatable boats are considered to be the largest and the most stable models at the modern market. This category is characterized with the whole range of special important features which provide safety and comfortable use at the worst environmental conditions up to the waves of 6’7” height. Beluga K series includes the boats of 12' - 14' with up to 2094 lb. payload. Such features in combination with other important technical characteristics are the reason of the widest variety of application. Here is one of the best Beluga K series models description.

Beluga 14 ft. Red/Black Inflatable Boat

Beluga 14 ft. Red/Black Inflatable Boat is the largest, steadiest and the most spacious boat of K class. It originally combines high speed and safety. This model of keelboat runs up to 25 miles/hour (this data is actual for 15 horsepower motor use and 4-5 persons onboard). Moreover; you can install 20 horsepower motor on this boat for the fastest riding with 6 to 8 people onboard.

14 ft. Red/Black Inflatable Boat is 14’2” long, 6’3” wide and has 1’9” tube diameter. So, it looks quite solid in comparison with other K class models and other similar boats which are presented at modern market. Beluga 14 ft. Red/Black Inflatable Boat is perfectly dumping the waves because its special designs. While you are riding this model the water splashes do not penetrate inside the boat due to the huge tubes diameter. You can take up to 8 people onboard to ride with a total weight about 950 kg. But if you go hunting or fishing - the best payload is no more than 6 persons.



Beluga 14FT. Red/Black Inflatable Boat

Length, Feet




Tube diameter Feet


Payload, Lb


Max number of persons


Quantity of hermetic chambers


Material density, Gr/m2


Length of cockpit, Feet


Width of cockpit, Feet


Max motor pow, HP


Type of seats mourn

Adjustable along all length of tube

Anchor groove


Outboard protection alongside the tubes


Safety rope


Number of handles for carrying




Weight of the boat In backpack without accessories, Lb


Dimensions of the packed boat, Feet

4'7" x 2' x 1'4"


Oars + Pump + Seats + Repair Kit

Weight of accessories in separate bag, Lb


Dimensions of bag with accessories, Feet

4'3" x 9" x 2"


With inflatable keelson. Collapsable.With longitudinal stringers.

Optional decks


Weight of RFD deck in separate bag,Lb


Dimensions of the bag with deck, Feet

3'5" x 2'4" x 4"


5 Years*


Beluga K inflatable boats are completely equipped with all the necessary tools for safety and the most comfortable use. Any of these models is completed with the following special features and characteristics:

  • Transom with the draining valve installed on it;
  • Towing bracket and safety rope which are quite important in emergency situations;
  • Special outboard protection which is located on the outer side of the boat's bottom;
  • Splash-cutting wings which are located alongside the boards of the boat and provide its outboard protection;
  • Anchor groove which protects the frames material from anchor rope wiping;
  • Seven carrying handles for comfortable transportation of the boat;
  • Protective bumper which is located upside the transom and provides protection of the boat from external damage;
  • Spray-repelling plates for protection the inner space from water while the boat moves slowly or backwards;
  • Seats' regulation system which provides personal installation for personal physical features of users.
  • Protective handle which is located above the keelson air valve.

There are also a lot of other important features which can be considered as the good reason for Beluga K series inflatable boats selection. One of them is a special fabric which is used for the manufacturing. This material doesn’t decay, and it is fully resistible for ultraviolet, gasoline and oil. The other specialty is that Beluga K series inflatable boats are being produced by the welding technology. This way of manufacturing has a lot of advantages in comparison with the glued boats. The main of them is that the seawater bacterium destroys the glued frame. Beluga welded frame is the best way to avoid such problem.

Beluga K series inflatable boats are characterized with the most comfortable and fastest ride in comparison with other models of this class. Original shape of the bottom, dead rise, dimensions of inflatable keelson, angles, turns, and some other features provide the most attractive technical characteristics. These boats have a rapid shape, they start the planning mode easily and, that's why, they don't need a powerful engine. Any Beluga K series boat can reach up to 25 - Miles/h with the engine of 15 hp.

In addition to all the equipment and features which are provided for every Beluga K class boat, every model can be bought in combination with the following special accessories:

  • Black under seat locker. Compact and suitable locker is used for keeping fishing equipment and personal things. The locker looks like a bag. It is located under the seat and fastened to it with the straps and velcro. Moreover; it fastens with a zipper, and is equipped with additional exterior pockets for small items. Special handles are provided to carry the locker in hands. The other important advantages of this accessory are durable water-proof material, convenience, practicality and efficiency in use.
  • Black Soft pad. When you are going on a long trip, hunting or fishing it is important to take care not only about security but also about comfort. The specially designed pad will help you to avoid discomfort during the journey or fishing. This accessory is put on over usual wooden seat to make it more comfortable. The pad is made of waterproof nylon fabric, which is filled in with a foam rubber. So, it is quite easy to clean, and suitable for body position. The pad is fastened on a sturdy zipper and is adjusted by three straps on the bottom. It can be easily attached and removed when it is necessary to be changed.

Weight: 184.00 lb
Product's SKU: K-14RFDRED | 680063998003

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Reviewed by 6 customers. Overall rating: 5.0/5.0
By from Gilbert, Arizona |
Red color is noticeable.
I like to fish, and sometimes I should departure to the ocean on 2-3 miles from the coast. It is dangerous of course, but I know that in case of problems I can send SOS signal, and I will be found from far away, my boat can be seen without problems from the helicopter. It is very comfortable, that it helps my safety.
By from Milwaukee, WI |
The best frien for rescuer!
Gordon Todd wrote that this boat is strong! I absolutely agree. And the fact, that it very helps me in my work. I work as the rescuer at the beach, and once when 3 persons sank, I could float on it and to save at once 3 people. I'm proud by this boat.
By from Houston, Texas |
The biggest boat!
It is really very big boat. I don't think about other manufacturers, but you, guys, could create big and at the same time qualitative boat. Can we wait for possible increase in the range in the future?
By from Carson City, Nevada |
Forget about punctures.
Quality! I think this is the main advantage of this boat. I was with boat in difficult weather conditions. Once I have got to a storm, once I have hooked (but it isn't critical) on a snag at the bottom. The boat strong has sustained. I don't advise to arrange crash-test for it, but the fact it is strong - 100%.
By from Weston, FL |
Perfect. It doesn't get any better
Balanced and easy to use board, I absolutely LOVE this board and have been recommending it to all of my friends. Sup inflates and deflates easily!
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