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Characteristics of inflatable boats with soft hull

The demand for soft hull inflatable boats never falls. This is because such vessels are the optimal ratio of compact size, transportability, functionality and cost. Such models are very popular among travelers, hunters, anglers and fans of summer recreation on the water.

Such type of vessels has high practicality and is excellent in the functions. Soft hull inflatable boats price is lower than on RIB-models. Easy to use, they are light in weight and easy to fold. Therefore, these products can easily be moved from one place to another. Most often, they have a low draft, which allows them to be used for movement in shallow water. Especially valuable is that due to a soft hull, it can be moored where there are no special landing areas.

The construction of soft hull inflatable boats and their production

For the manufacturing, a variety of fabrics and waterproof impregnations are used. The base material has a multilayer structure (more often three or five layers), which is coated with polymeric substances.

  • The first and last layers are made of synthetic fabrics on a solid basis. It can be polyester or polyamide with using of polymeric materials such as PVC, Hypalon (in combination with neoprene), polyurethane. Such synthetic fabrics are characterized by high performance characteristics. Strength, resistance to mechanical damage and decay processes are among them.
  • The second and fourth layers are designed to reliably seal the materials' layers.
  • The middle layer includes a synthetic cord to increase the strength of the entire structure. The twisted threads of special strength from artificial fibers work as a reinforcing agent, greatly enhancing the construction. In addition, it does not allow stretching and tearing the main material.

The use of modern high-tech materials greatly increases the service life of soft hull inflatable boats for sale and their performance characteristics.

Pros and cons of soft hull inflatable boats in USA

The popularity of such products is in a greater number of advantages than minuses.


  • low price;
  • portability and compact size;
  • easy transportability;
  • quick preparation for operation;
  • unpretentiousness in service;
  • ease of storage;
  • safety of use;
  • long service life.

Both a professional and novice amateur can easily prepare a soft hull inflatable boat for operation. It is enough to inflate the boat, which takes only a few minutes and it is ready for operation. When folded, they fit into the trunk of the car, and some small models can be carried in a backpack.

Comfortable soft hull inflatable boats for sale are an excellent solution for fishing and for runabout. They allow you to easily land ashore, even if there are no berths. Such products are safe and unpretentious in maintenance - they can be washed even at home. An experienced person can easily fix it in case of easy breakage. When there are special tools, a person can glue a hole even on the water. A long service life allows using them for about 25 years.


  • limited speed;
  • less stable - can turn over;
  • smaller motor size.

It should be noted that there is less comfort in comparison with RIB-boats. Such models are less suitable for water skiing or as a dive boat for diving. It is also more difficult to use in choppy waters.

If you buy soft hull inflatable boats, you get an excellent combination of mobility, comfort and safety. However, it is not always easy to make the right choice. After all, today you can find a large selection of boats from various manufacturers. Buying at Beluga Boats, you are guaranteed to get a quality product at an affordable price that will serve you more than a dozen years. Great adventures are just a few clicks away!

Beluga inflatable SUPs and boats: features and advantages

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