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The deck is one of the most important parts of the boat. Rigid full deck has become the most common types of bottom on large (more than 10 ft) solid hull inflatable boats. Unlike the semi-rigid slat variants, it covers the floor entirely. It ensures the rigidity of the entire structure and protects the floor material from scratches and tears. There are several types of hard deck:

Removable rigid collapsible deck consisting of floorboards is usually used on budget solid panel floor inflatables. Floorboard is a type of deck in a boat made of PVC. Sometimes it refers to only one section, not the entire construction. It is usually made of special marine plywood, which is resistant to moisture and does not slip underfoot. In expensive products, they are made of aluminum.

Designed to be quickly installed inside the boat, collapsible deck easily folds up as a book. The plywood sections are fixed at the sides; they fit tightly to each other unlike the slat flooring. Its advantage is a one-piece design; however, the rigidity of the bottom is lost. Folding floorboards enhance the overall hardness of the structure and therefore improves the running characteristics when using the motor.

There are solid and partial types of assembly. Solid type completely covers the bottom. It can have cutouts for installing stringers, as well as a hole for the keelson. Partial assembly type consists of two or more sections, but covers the bottom surface not completely, leaving part of the bottom visible.

A rigid deck with H-joiner consists of plywood floorboards inserted into each other. They are attached to each other with a help of a thin aluminum profile. Unlike the folding one, it is not a one-piece structure. However, such inflatable boat with solid floor has higher rigidity, especially in combination with stringers. The advantage of this type is that it is reasonably priced and unpretentious in operation. Therefore, it is used in budget models of inftatables.

Paradoxically, the H-shaped joiner should be noted among disadvantages. It is sufficiently thin and therefore provides a smaller contact area with the plywood sheets. Consequently, it increases the load on their edges and leads to rapid wear. In addition, the floorboards do not have a metal edging. They are inserted directly into the profile, making their assembly quite problematic.

Inflatable boats with a solid-panel floor

Classic floorboards with stringers are the most common type of deck for solid panel floor inflatable boat. Sections can be made of plywood or aluminum. The sheets with aluminum edging are connected by means of special grooves.

Hard deck in combination with stringers is much stronger than folding or rigid decks with H-joiner. It creates a more durable construction and better protects the bottom material from the appearance of ruptures or punctures. Such inflatable boat with hard floor, as a rule, shows the best indicators of navigability.

Among the drawbacks, it is worth mentioning that the bottom is subjected to greater friction at the location of the stringers. Therefore, manufacturers reinforce these places with additional layers of fabric. This type also requires the necessary experience from the owner for correct and quick assembly.

Advantages and disadvantages of solid panel floor inflatables

Versatile solid panel floor inflatables have many benefits:

  • maximum rigidity among collapsible models;
  • high speed;
  • excellent seaworthiness;
  • perfect hydrodynamics;
  • maximum comfort of movement inside the boat;
  • installation of powerful motors is permitted.

Among the shortcomings is worth mentioning:

  • overall dimensions;
  • heavy weight;
  • a long time of assembly (an average of 15-20 minutes);
  • the need for assembly experience.

TIP! When buying solid panel floor inflatable boat, pay attention to the availability of non-slip ribbed surface. It increases the safety of people inside and its operation.

To summarize the previously mentioned, it is obvious that the solid panel deck is the best option for large and medium-sized reservoirs, and harsh operating conditions. It is stronger than other types of flooring; however, the price might be higher. In addition, inflatable boat with hard floor is much more resistant against large waves and has the best navigability. At Beluga Boats, you can buy an excellent panel floor inflatable boat at an affordable price. Our products will give you maximum comfort along with incredible adventures.

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