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Beluga 12 FT. Light Gray Inflatable Boat

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Beluga online store proposes C series motor boats. This category contains the biggest flat-bottomed models of 10’-12’ length and 1’5” tubes diameter. These boats are characterized with high level stability and specially designed raised shape which provides high speed and good maneuverability. Here is the overview of the whole category and of the Beluga C class model presented on this page.

Beluga 12 ft. Light Gray Inflatable Boat

Beluga 12 ft. Light Gray Inflatable Boat is the biggest model of C class. It has the length of 11’10” meters and the width of 5’2”. In combination with the tube diameter of 1’5” and carrying capacity of 882 lb. this features provide the ability to carry up to 5 person of total weight 400 kg. Light gray color of the boat provides some decorative attraction. At the same time, this feature is the important advantage for hunting at foggy weather when the boat is almost invisible.

Beluga 12 ft. Light Gray Inflatable Boat is equipped with the whole range of C class boats' tools and accessories. Protective bumper, towing bracket, safety rope, and other parts of the main equipment are complimented with under seat locker and soft pad, which make the model use more comfortable and convenient. Be ready for exciting journeys with the biggest Beluga C class inflatable boat. Buy it right now, pay the lowest price, and get free shipping to any country of the world!



Beluga 12 FT. Light Gray Inflatable Boat

Length, Feet




Tube diameter Feet


Payload, Lb


Max number of persons


Quantity of hermetic chambers


Material density, Gr/m2

950 / 1080

Length of cockpit, Feet


Width of cockpit, Feet


Max motor pow, HP


Type of seats mourn

Adjustable along all length of tube

Anchor groove


Outboard protection alongside the tubes


Safety rope


Number of handles for carrying




Weight of the boat In backpack without accessories, Lb


Dimensions of the packed boat, Feet

3'7" x 2' x 1'4"


Oars + Pump + Seats + Repair Kit

Weight of accessories in separate bag, Lb


Dimensions of bag with accessories, Feet

2'11" x 2' x 1'4"



Weight of FFD deck in separate bag,Lb


Dimensions of the bag with deck, Feet

2'7" x 2' x 2"


5 Years*


Beluga C inflatable boats are completely equipped with all the necessary tools for comfortable and safety use. If you order any of these models you will get the whole range of special features, such as:

  • Splash-cutting wing which is located alongside the boat and provides its outboard protection;
  • Anchor groove which protects the frames material from anchor rope wiping;
  • Towing bracket and safety rope which are necessary for emergency cases;
  • Seven carrying handles which provide comfortable transportation of the boat;
  • Bumper which is located upside the transom and protects the boat from external damage;
  • Spray-repelling plates which protect the inner space from water while the boat moves slowly or backwards;
  • Seats regulated system which provides various install positions for personal height of users.

This original configuration provides the widest range of boats' advantages. Beluga C class inflatable boats are characterized with the following important abilities:

  • Minimum immersion in water due to the comparatively bigger diameter of tubes;
  • Easily increasing of speed due to the special transom construction;
  • Lower fuel consumption due to the outboard engine abilities;
  • High resistance to decay, UV-rays, gasoline and oil;
  • Strong durability because of the 950 g/m2 and 1080 g/m2 density of the main and additional materials.

Beluga C series boats are equipped with FFD type of decks. The maximum power of outboard engine is 5 hp. Each C class inflatable flat-bottomed boat is packed into hermetic bag and backpack. The last one is made of the same material as the boat. All models are completed with a set of accessories. It includes pair of paddles, attachable seats, powerful pump and repair kit.

In addition to all the equipment which is provided for every Beluga C class boat, every model can be ordered with the following special accessories:

  • Black under seat locker. Compact and suitable locker is used for keeping fishing equipment and personal things. The locker looks like a bag. It is located under the seat and fastened to it with the straps and velcro. Moreover; it fastens with a zipper, and is equipped with additional exterior pockets for small items. Special handles are provided to carry the locker in hands. The other important advantages of this accessory are durable water-proof material, convenience, practicality and efficiency in use.
  • Black Soft pad. When you are going on a long trip, hunting or fishing it is important to take care not only about security but also about comfort. The specially designed pad will help you to avoid discomfort during the journey or fishing. This accessory is put on over usual wooden seat to make it more comfortable. The pad is made of waterproof nylon fabric, which is filled in with a foam rubber. So, it is quite easy to clean, and suitable for body position. The pad is fastened on a sturdy zipper and is adjusted by three straps on the bottom. It can be easily attached and removed when it is necessary to be changed.

Weight: 117.00 lb
Product's SKU: C-12FFDGREY | 680063997969

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Reviewed by 6 customers. Overall rating: 5.0/5.0
By from Spokane, Washington |
I waited long time for spring.
3 months of winter passed. It was very cold and I could not flow down the river because it froze. But finally the spring came, and we can open a new season. For these purposes we use our favourite boat of 12 ft. from Beluga. It is comfortable, capacious and very maneuverable. I come back friends!
By from Gary, Indiana |
Good boat for racing!
Last summer I took a part in competitions by this boat. It is very fast boat. And it perfectly is suitable for sport. I won first place.
By from Oklahoma City |
For all my big family.
I have a big family: Me, my wife, son and two little daughters twins. The son is 12 years old, and both daughters 7. And here, we have bought this boat for all our family. It's perfectly suitable for all of us. We like to float down the river and there to organize a picnic. Excellent boat. I am very happy.
By from Fernandina Beach, Florida |
Fast as lightning!
Well of course lightning quicker than the boat. But this boat, it is fast as a rocket, as the torpedo, as a lightning. It is very fast. Yes I know that it is very important, to install the suitable motor, but the floating and high-speed characteristics of the boat are excellent. I am very happy with the speed and controllability. Now I float between the cities only by the boat.
By from Pierre, SD |
Perfect. It doesn't get any better
That's the biggest boat of this series of white color. The boat has three hermetic chambers and can carry five people. And it just that it is necessary for me. I have bought last month. Yesterday it's come. I have tried one, I am very happy. Tomorrow we will go to ride with friends all together down the river.
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