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Gray inflatable boats from Beluga: the largest selection



Advantages of gray inflatable boats

Universal gray inflatable boats are suitable for many purposes. They are barely noticeable among the environment, as the gray color does not attract too much attention.

Among the advantages, it should be noted that such models:

  • are low-key;
  • are not easily soiled;
  • are easy to clean;
  • do not heat up in the sun;
  • do not fade;
  • can be masked using a camouflage netting.

They are functional and practical in use. Gray inflatable boats for sale are not easily soiled; dust is not visible on the surface and even in case of soiling, they are easy to clean. Therefore, they are great for fishing and hunting in wetlands. These products are slightly heated in the sun, so do not worry about the possibility of burning yourself or getting a heat stroke when using them. They do not fade and perfectly retain their characteristics for many years.

There are practically no disadvantages. The only drawback is that this color seems boring to someone. However, when choosing a boat, this is not a minus. In addition, designers say that gray, despite its seemingly boring, is an interesting shade. Even the continued use of it does not cause satiety due to the neutrality of the hue.

Grey inflatable boats for hunting

Despite the fact that camouflage coloring is ideal for hunting, inflatable boats in gray design is also an excellent solution. When hunting for birds or small game, the hunter must be well disguised. For these purposes, gray PVC boats are the best suited. Such models can be perfectly masked using camouflage netting. Thanks to their neutral shade, they become indistinguishable against the background of soil and coastal vegetation.

To purchase gray inflatable boats online quickly and easily, please visit Beluga website. The reliability of our products will guarantee you safety on the water due to excellent stability and sealed chambers.

Gray inflatable boats for fishing

As you know, models of light shades are best suited for fishing. However, white and light colors are easily soiled and difficult to keep them clean. That is why gray inflatable boats will be an ideal solution for fishing on water and in the sea. Such products are considered safer and securer. Light hues are original reflectors. Therefore, with prolonged exposure to sunlight, the tubes heat up more slowly than tubes of darker shades.

In addition, there is another reason why it is worth to buy grey inflatable boats for fishing. It is due to the long stay of the angler and the vessel on the water. And in the summer time, it is also caused by a long time in the hot sun. As everybody knows from physics, the tube is heated under the influence of sunlight. The air inside begins to expand and, consequently, the pressure inside the tube increases. It can cause the appearance of cracks and lead to a rupture of the material. Due to the characteristics of the color, grey inflatable boats are less exposed to sunlight and heating.

Prices and stores to purchase

Grey inflatable boats prices vary depending on the materials and dyes used. At Beluga you can find an interesting selection of models for fishing, hunting and entertainment at affordable prices. In addition to low cost, the presented products have such excellent characteristics as:

  • strength of materials;
  • wear resistance;
  • high capacity;
  • good shock-absorption;
  • high maneuverability.

Buying grey inflatable boats at Beluga online shop, you get ergonomic design, speed and safety when you are on the water.

Beluga inflatable SUPs and boats: features and advantages

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